Patents 5267564 - 5267818



Patent 5267564: Pacemaker lead for sensing a physiologic parameter of the body
(SURGERY : DIAGNOSTIC TESTING : Measuring or detecting nonradioactive constituent of body liquid by means placed against or in body throughout test : Infrared, visible light, or ultraviolet radiation directed on or through body or constituent released therefrom :)

Patent 5267565: Method and apparatus for determining the patency of a blood vessel
(SURGERY : DIAGNOSTIC TESTING : Detecting nuclear, electromagnetic, or ultrasonic radiation : Ultrasonic : Doppler effect (e.g., fetal HR monitoring) : Blood flow studies : Hand-held unit)

Patent 5267566: Apparatus and method for blood pressure monitoring
(SURGERY : DIAGNOSTIC TESTING : Cardiovascular : Measuring pressure in heart or blood vessel : Testing means inserted in body : Pressure transducer structure : Blood flow measurement)

Patent 5267567: Oscillometric-type blood pressure measuring apparatus
(SURGERY : DIAGNOSTIC TESTING : Cardiovascular : Measuring pressure in heart or blood vessel : Force applied against skin to close blood vessel : Electric signal generated by sensing means responsive to pulse or Korotkoff sounds : Blood flow measurement)

Patent 5267568: Stress level measuring device
(SURGERY : DIAGNOSTIC TESTING : Cardiovascular : Detecting blood vessel pulsation : Force applied against skin to close blood vessel)

Patent 5267569: Blood flow measuring apparatus
(SURGERY : DIAGNOSTIC TESTING : Cardiovascular : Measuring blood flow in body portion other than heart : Pulse indicator)

Patent 5267570: Method of diagnosing and treating chronic fatigue syndrome
(SURGERY : DIAGNOSTIC TESTING : Detecting brain electric signal : Breath collection)

Patent 5267571: Method for testing adequacy of human hearing
(SURGERY : DIAGNOSTIC TESTING : Ear or testing by auditory stimulus : Locating acupuncture points)

Patent 5267572: Biopsy instrument with tissue specimen retaining and retrieval device
(SURGERY : DIAGNOSTIC TESTING : Sampling nonliquid body material (e.g., bone, muscle tissue, epithelial cells, etc.) : Cutting : Body pierced by tubular cutter or rod-type punch : Body pierced by tubular cutter or rod-type punch)

Patent 5267573: Guidewire extender
(SURGERY : DIAGNOSTIC TESTING : Flexible catheter guide : Indicator)

Patent 5267574: Guidewire with spring and a heat shrinkable connection
(SURGERY : DIAGNOSTIC TESTING : Flexible catheter guide : Indicator)

Patent 5267575: User-activated vacuum-assisted condom applicator

Patent 5267576: Method of and apparatus for separating foreign objects from moving tobacco particles in a rod making machine
(TOBACCO : CIGAR OR CIGARETTE MAKING : Molding or forming : Continuous rod or ribbon former : With trimmer, perforator or slitter)

Patent 5267577: Device for transferring cigarette portions from a dual-rod production machine to a filter assembly machine
(TOBACCO : CIGAR OR CIGARETTE MAKING : Tip or mouthpiece applying or forming : Plug attaching or inserting : Rotating type)

Patent 5267578: Controlled opening of fibrous materials
(TOBACCO : CIGAR OR CIGARETTE MAKING : Tobacco feeding : With brushing, carding, or picking means : Rotating type)

Patent 5267579: Oscillating flossing implement
(TOILET : TOOTHPICK : And motor driven mechanism or fluid applicator : Stick applicator)

Patent 5267580: Dishwashing machine and method
(CLEANING AND LIQUID CONTACT WITH SOLIDS : : Automatic controls : With electric control : Dishwashing machine :)

Patent 5267581: Pollution abating vapor trap and condenser apparatus
(CLEANING AND LIQUID CONTACT WITH SOLIDS : : With heating, cooling or heat exchange means : Foreign material separated from liquid)

Patent 5267582: Wash arm construction
(CLEANING AND LIQUID CONTACT WITH SOLIDS : : With movably or flexibly mounted spray or jet applying conduits or nozzles : With guiding means to restrict motion to rotation, to swinging, or to an annular closed or to a curved path : With fluid discharge reaction nozzle)

Patent 5267583: Multiple-fold automatic umbrella controlled by single push button
(TENT, CANOPY, UMBRELLA, OR CANE : UMBRELLA : Self-opening and closing : Handle release : For ropelike structure)

Patent 5267584: Method of fluid flow control using a porous media
(FLUID HANDLING : PROCESSES : Affecting flow by the addition of material or energy : By fluid pressure)

Patent 5267585: Elastomeric flow control valve
(FLUID HANDLING : WITH CLEANER, LUBRICATION ADDED TO FLUID OR LIQUID SEALING AT VALVE INTERFACE : Cleaning or steam sterilizing : With separate material addition : Valve manually seated)

Patent 5267586: Shutoff valve mechanism for the oral evacuator of a dental unit
(FLUID HANDLING : SYSTEMS : With pump : Pumped fluid control : Manual : Pointer integral with handle)

Patent 5267587: Utilities shutoff system
(FLUID HANDLING : SYSTEMS : Programmer or timer : With independent valve controller : Vent and inlet or outlet in unitary mounting)

Patent 5267588: Rotary valve
(FLUID HANDLING : SYSTEMS : Multi-way valve unit : Supply and exhaust : Rotary valve : Plug type : For plural lines : Yoke or cage-type support for valve stem)

Patent 5267589: Piezoelectric pressure control valve
(FLUID HANDLING : SYSTEMS : Multi-way valve unit : Supply and exhaust : Motor-operated : Electric)

Patent 5267590: Container filler, especially for ballast having contoured sweep for arraying containers

Patent 5267591: Device for preventing condensation of water vapor on filling nozzle for use in filling apparatus

Patent 5267592: Electrical connector for nozzle

Patent 5267593: Router spindle adapter apparatus
(WOODWORKING : SHAPING MACHINE : Vertical spindle : Bit adjustment)

Patent 5267594: Grapple saw with positive pressure grapple arms
(WOODWORKING : PROCESS : Timber harvesting or processing : Tree felling :)

Patent 5267595: Pneumatic vehicle tire having two-layer sidewall
(RESILIENT TIRES AND WHEELS : TIRES, RESILIENT : Pneumatic tire or inner tube : Characterized by chemical composition or physical properties of external sidewall materials : Means facilitating folding between sidewall portions (e.g., run flat sidewalls))

Patent 5267596: Antiskid device for automobile tires
(RESILIENT TIRES AND WHEELS : TIRES, RESILIENT : Cushion and pneumatic combined : Anti-skid : Detachable : Sectional : Tire secured : With securing rings)

Patent 5267597: Garage door apparatus
(FLEXIBLE OR PORTABLE CLOSURE, PARTITION, OR PANEL : PLURAL AND/OR WITH RIGID CLOSURE : Plural strip, slat, or panel assemblies : Mounted on opposite sides of single opening : Track guided : Vertically slidable)

Patent 5267598: Window covering control apparatus and window covering assembly
(FLEXIBLE OR PORTABLE CLOSURE, PARTITION, OR PANEL : PLURAL STRIP, SLAT, OR PANEL TYPE : Venetian blind type : Adjustable strip, slat, or panel angle : Units and subcombinations thereof : Vertical type)

Patent 5267599: Sunshield
(FLEXIBLE OR PORTABLE CLOSURE, PARTITION, OR PANEL : WITH MOUNTING, FASTENING, OR SUPPORTING MEANS : Automobile windshield weather protector or sunshield : Intermediate holding means)

Patent 5267600: Hard facing casting surfaces with wear-resistant sheets
(METAL FOUNDING : PROCESS : Shaping liquid metal against a forming surface : Composite article forming : Incorporating particulate material : Different metals)

Patent 5267601: Method for forming a metal matrix composite body by an outside-in spontaneous infiltration process, and products produced thereby
(METAL FOUNDING : PROCESS : Shaping liquid metal against a forming surface : Composite article forming : Incorporating particulate material : Different metals)

Patent 5267602: Casting metals
(METAL FOUNDING : MEANS TO SHAPE METALLIC MATERIAL : Pressure shaping means : Having casting material cooling means)

Patent 5267603: Sand reclaiming drum with media recycler
(METAL FOUNDING : STRIPPER OR EJECTOR : Means to separate cast product from shaping surface : Having anchor means)

Patent 5267604: Motion control system for horizontal continuous caster
(METAL FOUNDING : CONTROL MEANS RESPONSIVE TO OR ACTUATED BY MEANS SENSING OR MEASURING A CONDITION OR VARIABLE (I.E., AUTOMATIC CONTROL) : Control of product withdrawal means in continuous casting apparatus : Responsive to weight)

Patent 5267605: Microtube array space radiator

Patent 5267606: Vehicular flushing and draining apparatus and method

Patent 5267607: Substrate processing apparatus
(HEAT EXCHANGE : WITH RETAINER FOR REMOVABLE ARTICLE : Positioner or retainer for settable material)

Patent 5267608: Heat exchanger and reactor for aircraft and propulsion systems

Patent 5267609: Heat radiation tube
(HEAT EXCHANGE : WITH COATED, ROUGHENED OR POLISHED SURFACE : Flues formed by vertical corrugations of heat transmitter)

Patent 5267610: Heat exchanger and manufacturing method
(HEAT EXCHANGE : RADIATOR CORE TYPE : Side-by-side tubes traversing fin means : Heating or cooling means and gas pump in housing)

Patent 5267611: Single phase porous layer heat exchanger
(HEAT EXCHANGE : CONDUIT WITHIN, OR CONFORMING TO, PANEL OR WALL STRUCTURE : Interdigitated plural first and plural second fluid passages)

Patent 5267612: Friction plug for a high pressure pipe
(WELLS : ABOVE GROUND APPARATUS : Inner member anchor or seal with valve : Guiding or aligning feature)

Patent 5267613: Upstroke jar
(WELLS : WITH JAR MEANS FOR RELEASING STUCK PART : With specific downhole feature)

Patent 5267614: Method for disposing of waste gas in subterranean formations
(WELLS : PROCESSES : Distinct, separate injection and producing wells : Injecting a composition including a surfactant or cosurfactant : Nonaqueous type : Using whipstock)

Patent 5267615: Sequential fluid injection process for oil recovery from a gas cap
(WELLS : PROCESSES : Distinct, separate injection and producing wells : Involving the step of heating : In association with fracturing or crevice forming processes : CO2 or carbonated gas)

Patent 5267616: Process for running scrapers, particularly for subsea petroleum well lines
(WELLS : PROCESSES : Cleaning or unloading well : Fracturing)

Patent 5267617: Downhole tools with inflatable packers and method of operating the same
(WELLS : PROCESSES : Placing or shifting well part : With sealing feature (e.g., packer) : By auxilliary fluid control line)

Patent 5267618: Bidirectional plow with rotatable tool bar
(EARTH WORKING : ALTERNATING FOR RIGHT OR LEFT HAND OPERATION (OTHER THAN SCRAPER) : Tool shifted for opposite throw : With movable deflector)

Patent 5267619: Disk harrow assembly
(EARTH WORKING : ROLLING, ROTATING OR ORBITALLY MOVING TOOL : With spring means other than for detent : Spring acts to move tool vertically : Operating means moves parallel to disk gang axis)

Patent 5267620: Drilling latch apparatus
(BORING OR PENETRATING THE EARTH : WITH EXPANSIBLE BORE WALL ANCHOR (E.G., PACKER) : Rotation of bit actuates lubricant feed means)

Patent 5267621: Drill pipe breakout device
(BORING OR PENETRATING THE EARTH : PROCESSES : Indicating, testing or measuring a condition of the formation)

Patent 5267622: Impact block assembly for percussion drilling apparatus
(BORING OR PENETRATING THE EARTH : BELOW-GROUND (1) HAMMER, OR (2) IMPACT MEMBERS : Fluid-operated : Cam or gear engaging cutter element)

Patent 5267623: Mounting structure for a power unit of an automobile
(MOTOR VEHICLES : POWER : On lower running gear : Frame : Longitudinal shaft)

Patent 5267624: Winter front assembly for charge air cooled trucks and method
(MOTOR VEHICLES : POWER : With means to guide and/or control air for power plant cooling : With further means to utilize power plant cooling air for other purposes : With means to condense gas discharged from motor)

Patent 5267625: Steering apparatus with variable steering angle ratio for pitman arm steering mechanism
(MOTOR VEHICLES : STEERING GEAR : With electric power assist : Hydraulic circuit)

Patent 5267626: Near surface vehicle

Patent 5267627: Vehicle stability augmentation system
(MOTOR VEHICLES : STEERING GEAR : With fluid power assist : With condition modulated steering : With electrical control : And final gear drive)

Patent 5267628: Steering wheel position compensator of fully hydraulic steering system
(MOTOR VEHICLES : STEERING GEAR : With fluid power assist : Between articulated wheeled vehicle sections : Reciprocating power assist : And final gear drive)

Patent 5267629: Auxiliary steering system for a vehicle
(MOTOR VEHICLES : STEERING GEAR : Each wheel steerable : With fluid power assist : With electrical control : And final gear drive)

Patent 5267630: Front body structure of automotive vehicle
(MOTOR VEHICLES : POWER : Having specific motor-to-body-frame relationship : Having motor shaft parallel to rotational axis of driven wheel : With wheeled auxiliary frame, resiliently joined to body frame, for supporting motor and gearing or clutch)

Patent 5267631: Scaffold stabilizer apparatus
(FIRE ESCAPE, LADDER, OR SCAFFOLD : SAFETY DEVICE FOR GROUND-SUPPORTED LADDER : Central upright ladder section supported therebetween)

Patent 5267632: Folding deer stand apparatus
(FIRE ESCAPE, LADDER, OR SCAFFOLD : LADDER AND PLATFORM : Platform with ladder as support : Pivotal component)

Patent 5267633: Electrorheological fluid-applied apparatus, electrorheological fluid-applied vibration controller, and electrorheological
(BRAKES : INTERNAL-RESISTANCE MOTION RETARDER : Electroviscous or electrorheological fluid : Supported by mechanical spring)

Patent 5267634: Continuous-surface composite rail
(ELECTRICITY: TRANSMISSION TO VEHICLES : CONDUCTORS : Rail, made of multiple materials : Cables made of multiple material)

Patent 5267635: Clutch actuator system
(CLUTCHES AND POWER-STOP CONTROL : CLUTCHES : Operators : Spring engaged : Electric release : Radially engaged)

Patent 5267636: Synchronizer sliding clutch sleeve
(CLUTCHES AND POWER-STOP CONTROL : CLUTCHES : Progressive engagement : Frictional and positive : With blocker : Outward tooth or lug on friction member : Blocker on axially extending stepped pin)

Patent 5267637: Actuator with anti-rotation spring
(CLUTCHES AND POWER-STOP CONTROL : CLUTCHES : Operators : Fluid pressure : Clutch and nonrotating motor : Radially engaged)

Patent 5267638: Dual-servo control for conveyor induction systems
(CONVEYORS: POWER-DRIVEN : CONVEYOR ARRANGEMENT FOR SELECTING AMONG PLURAL SOURCES OR DESTINATIONS : Condition responsive control means to prevent collision on merging conveyors : Auxiliary section has a reversibly driven conveyor for bidirectional article movement)

Patent 5267639: Device for continuously feeding kick springs
(CONVEYORS: POWER-DRIVEN : CONVEYOR FOR CHANGING ATTITUDE OF ITEM RELATIVE TO CONVEYED DIRECTION : By conveying randomly faced items and turning items to uniform facing : Including significantly shaped portion of conveyor cooperating with significantly shaped item to face item : Via vibrating bowl having shaped passageway : Pockets comprise grooved, transversely disposed rollers)

Patent 5267640: Transfer station assembly for scraper-chain conveyors
(CONVEYORS: POWER-DRIVEN : CONVEYING SYSTEM HAVING PLURAL POWER-DRIVEN CONVEYING SECTIONS : Forming a single conveying path : Plural sections each formed of or including a closed flexible loop : With elevating or lowering section : With opposed gripper means)

Patent 5267641: Self-clearing reciprocating conveyor with moving bearing seal
(CONVEYORS: POWER-DRIVEN : CONVEYOR SECTION : Reciprocating conveying surface : Surface formed by plural parallel elongated sections reciprocating horizontally : Seals : Moved by endless actuator)

Patent 5267642: Skirt board and impact saddle assembly for conveyor belts
(CONVEYORS: POWER-DRIVEN : CONVEYOR SECTION : Endless conveyor : Having load retainer or guide separate from carrier belt : Roller, wheel, or drum-engaging belt)

Patent 5267643: Outdoor plastic information dispenser
(FLEXIBLE BAGS : LIFTING OR SUSPENDING ELEMENT (E.G., HANDLE) : Including reinforcement or stress distribution means attached to or adjacent element : Bag material includes hand-receiving aperture)

Patent 5267644: Tuckable carrier means for handling portable container
(SPECIAL RECEPTACLE OR PACKAGE : PORTABLE SEGREGATING CARRIER FOR PLURAL CYLINDRICAL BEVERAGE-TYPE RECEPTACLES (E.G., BEER CANS, POP BOTTLES) : Receptacle chime, or closure cap flange, engaging type (e.g., "six-pack") : Unitary retainer or foldable blank packaging unit : Unitary retainer grips chime perimetrically : Folded blank)

Patent 5267645: Stowable container
(SPECIAL RECEPTACLE OR PACKAGE : PORTABLE SEGREGATING CARRIER FOR PLURAL CYLINDRICAL BEVERAGE-TYPE RECEPTACLES (E.G., BEER CANS, POP BOTTLES) : Pendent from handle : Collapsible : Individual receptacle positioning means : Folded blank type : Center wall : Doubled center walls folded from different end walls : Two center walls folded on horizontal line)

Patent 5267646: Containers having plurality of chambers

Patent 5267647: Storage container for mini-disk cartridges
(SPECIAL RECEPTACLE OR PACKAGE : FOR HOLDING A MACHINE READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM (E.G., COMPACT DISC, PHONOGRAPH RECORD, TAPE, FLOPPY DISK) : For holding an optical disc (e.g., compact disc) : Partial encasement (i.e., portion of article remains uncovered))

Patent 5267648: Device for the transporting and stacking of cylindrical objects, such as gas cylinders, pipes, etc.

Patent 5267649: Nestable tray for cylindrical containers
(SPECIAL RECEPTACLE OR PACKAGE : STRUCTURAL FEATURES FOR VERTICAL STACKING, I.E., SIMILAR RECEPTACLES : Having specified means for nesting instead of stacking : Coiled strip or fan-folded strip content)

Patent 5267650: Child resistant drug assemblage
(SPECIAL RECEPTACLE OR PACKAGE : FOR AMPULE, CAPSULE, PELLET, OR GRANULE : With indicia or indicator : Allochiral arrangement)

Patent 5267651: Support post for packaging system
(SPECIAL RECEPTACLE OR PACKAGE : SHOCK PROTECTION TYPE (E.G., FREE FALL) : With distinct corner or edge protector : In situ)

Patent 5267652: Shipping carton and dunnage having openings and flanges
(SPECIAL RECEPTACLE OR PACKAGE : SHOCK PROTECTION TYPE (E.G., FREE FALL) : With article aperture in retainer : Plural apertures for plural article : V-shaped)

Patent 5267653: Sorting method and sorting device

Patent 5267654: Article-holding cup and sorting apparatus
(CLASSIFYING, SEPARATING, AND ASSORTING SOLIDS : SORTING SPECIAL ITEMS, AND CERTAIN METHODS AND APPARATUS (E.G., POCKET TYPE AND LIGHT RESPONSIVE SORTING, ETC.) FOR SORTING ANY ITEMS : Nonconveying driven means for turning item at separating or inspecting station to facilitate sorting : Fluid or vacuum sensing means controls separating means)

Patent 5267655: Method and apparatus for treating a gas containing aqueous fiber suspension
(LIQUID PURIFICATION OR SEPARATION : PROCESSES : Separating : Including temperature change)

Patent 5267656: Display stand apparatus
(SUPPORTS: RACKS : SPECIAL ARTICLE : Eyeglasses : Unlocked retained key)

Patent 5267657: Bicycle stand
(SUPPORTS: RACKS : SPECIAL ARTICLE : Velocipede type : Stands : Foldable)

Patent 5267658: Fastening device
(SUPPORTS: RACKS : SPECIAL ARTICLE : Electrically powered : Stands)

Patent 5267659: Compact displayer
(SUPPORTS: RACKS : SPECIAL ARTICLE : Recorded music type : Foldable)

Patent 5267660: Holding plate for golf clubs
(SUPPORTS: RACKS : SPECIAL ARTICLE : Article includes elongated portion : Golf club : Spaced support arms)

Patent 5267661: Snap-on, screw off cap and container neck
(BOTTLES AND JARS : CLOSURES : Frangible member or portion : About line or point of weakness : Tear strip : Line of weakness extends circumferentially of receptacle mouth opening : Yoke-receiving slot or hole)

Patent 5267662: Container
(RECEPTACLES : SECTIONAL : Tank for fluids : Knockdown)

Patent 5267663: Collapsible shipping container
(RECEPTACLES : SECTIONAL : Knockdown : Sections are container units)

Patent 5267664: Folding basket
(RECEPTACLES : SECTIONAL : Folding : Removable fastening element)

Patent 5267665: Hardened luggage container

Patent 5267666: Multiple-dome, scored, rupture disc
(RECEPTACLES : CONTAINER ATTACHMENT OR ADJUNCT : Pressure relief means : Frangible pressure relief means : With anti-siphon means)

Patent 5267667: Plug adapted to be fixed by means of hot melt adhesive into an opening in a plate such as an automobile body
(RECEPTACLES : CLOSURES : Removable closure situated by resilient distortion and retained by preformed configuration (e.g., detent) : Noncontinuous interlock along perimeter of closure, closure support juncture : Interlock internal to passage mouth (e.g., stopper type closure) : Biased or resilient lugs)

Patent 5267668: Child resistant storage and disposal box
(RECEPTACLES : CLOSURES : Having means for securing or retaining closure in its closed position (e.g., fastening devices) : Clamps, clips, hooks, or latches : Biased : Lever operated)

Patent 5267669: Self serve beverage dispenser

Patent 5267670: Fuel dispensing system having a flexible hose with a static dissipator and a fuel leak detector and method of making the same

Patent 5267671: Apparatus for dispensing rinse water additive in an automatic washing machine
(DISPENSING : INSPECTION DEVICES : Inhibiting operation of flow controller or closure)

Patent 5267672: Ice dispenser and display
(DISPENSING : INSPECTION DEVICES : Transparent flow-line section : Graduated for level determination)

Patent 5267673: Dosing device which can be placed on various containers
(DISPENSING : WITH DISCHARGE ASSISTANT (E.G., IMPELLER, PUMP, CONVEYER, MOVABLE TRAP CHAMBER, ETC.) : With movable nozzle interconnected therewith : With material supply container and discharge assistant casing : Container-mounted pump : On container side of rotor)

Patent 5267674: Container for the spray-dispensing of liquid
(DISPENSING : WITH DISCHARGE ASSISTANT (E.G., IMPELLER, PUMP, CONVEYER, MOVABLE TRAP CHAMBER, ETC.) : Fluid pressure : Container-mounted fluid pressure generating pump or pulsator : With pump or pulsator)

Patent 5267675: Pouring devices for viscous liquid such as paint
(DISPENSING : WITH FLOW CONTROLLER OR CLOSURE : Pivoted : Between fixed plates or flanges)

Patent 5267676: Liquid dispenser for use with washing machine
(DISPENSING : INCLUDING TIMER : For timing dispensing period : And means for timing the period between dispensing cycles : Rotary)

Patent 5267677: Athletic glove pocket former, shaper and conditioning device

Patent 5267678: Hanger with U-shaped clamps having apertures
(APPAREL APPARATUS : GARMENT HANGERS : Skirt or trousers : With clamp : With clamp)

Patent 5267679: Case for carrying a video camera and accessories
(PACKAGE AND ARTICLE CARRIERS : CARRIED BY ANIMATE BEARER : Convertible or combined : Carrier having a rearrangable receiver : Multiple rearrangeable receivers : Receiver detachable and independently usable :)

Patent 5267680: Carrying sling for infant carrier or car seat
(PACKAGE AND ARTICLE CARRIERS : CARRIED BY ANIMATE BEARER : Carrier for person : Collapsible to nonuse position on user`s body)

Patent 5267681: Utility rack anchor
(PACKAGE AND ARTICLE CARRIERS : VEHICLE ATTACHED : Carrier associated with vehicle roof or trunk lid : Carrier to vehicle attaching means releasably engages the vehicle proximate the edge of the roof or trunk lid thereof : Members fixedly attached to vehicle surface)

Patent 5267682: Adjusting mechanism for adjusting position of abutting member in fastener driving device

Patent 5267683: Apparatus for assembling motorcar vehicle body
(METAL FUSION BONDING : WITH MEANS TO JUXTAPOSE AND BOND PLURAL WORKPIECES : Means to rotate one surface relative to the other about a fixed axis)

Patent 5267684: Method for brazing an element transversely to a wall, a brazed-joint assembly for carrying out said method, and a package for electronic
(METAL FUSION BONDING : PROCESS : Critical work component, temperature, or pressure : With agitating or vibrating (e.g., using ultrasonic energy))

Patent 5267685: Stackability of hollow products with conically contoured sidewalls having longitudinal folds

Patent 5267686: Food package containing separate trays connected together by a single lid structure
(ENVELOPES, WRAPPERS, AND PAPERBOARD BOXES : PAPERBOARD BOX : Plural : Severably attached boxes (i.e., the boxes include means which facilitate severing a connecting element or box material uniting them) : Bag securing means is part of, or attached to, the box)

Patent 5267687: Two way mailer
(ENVELOPES, WRAPPERS, AND PAPERBOARD BOXES : ENVELOPE : Including remailing means (e.g., envelope, postcard, address label, etc.) : Remailable envelope : Including means for removing at least part of the original mailing address from the original envelope : Including means for removing the window-containing portion of an envelope)

Patent 5267688: Locking device for mailboxes

Patent 5267689: Rotary sprinkler head having individually-adjustable deflector plates for watering irregularly-shaped areas
(FLUID SPRINKLING, SPRAYING, AND DIFFUSING : PROCESSES : Of discharge modification of flow varying : And additional dissolving or entraining of material in liquid stream)

Patent 5267690: Device for the pulsating delivery of an irrigation liquid, and irrigation systems which incorporate the device

Patent 5267691: Spray structures with integral stakes
(FLUID SPRINKLING, SPRAYING, AND DIFFUSING : WITH GROUND OR VERTICAL SURFACE SUSTAINED SUPPORT MEANS : Ground or object penetrating support : Radially outermost flow defining wall adjustable)

Patent 5267692: Adjustable nozzle assembly
(FLUID SPRINKLING, SPRAYING, AND DIFFUSING : INCLUDING SUPPLY HOLDER FOR MATERIAL : Moving solid surface engages material to be sprayed : Enclosing casing about moving surface : Separable pump with holder mount or securing means : Resilient or deformable wall)

Patent 5267693: Spray gun non-stick paint connector block
(FLUID SPRINKLING, SPRAYING, AND DIFFUSING : COMBINING OF SEPARATELY SUPPLIED FLUIDS (I.E., PLURAL FLOW PATHS) : And valving means controlling flow for combining : Concentric flow paths : Valving means for central fluid : Parallel)

Patent 5267694: Fuel injection nozzle for internal combustion engines
(FLUID SPRINKLING, SPRAYING, AND DIFFUSING : FLUID PRESSURE RESPONSIVE DISCHARGE MODIFIER* OR FLOW REGULATOR* : Fuel injector or burner : Having flow regulator* for reciprocating piston engine : With means to vary or pulse flow within engine cycle : Upstream of flow regulator* : Rotated into deflecting position)

Patent 5267695: Vertically hanging, low volume irrigation assembly and method
(FLUID SPRINKLING, SPRAYING, AND DIFFUSING : UNITARY PLURAL OUTLET MEANS : All in a single straight line : Sequential control of outlets)

Patent 5267696: Agricultural vehicle convertible to broadcast liquid or dry agricultural materials
(FLUID SPRINKLING, SPRAYING, AND DIFFUSING : CONTAINER FOR NON-FLUID MATERIAL, AND SCATTERING MEANS : With feature relating to liquid material : Laterally extending scatter unit)

Patent 5267697: Garden shredder apparatus
(SOLID MATERIAL COMMINUTION OR DISINTEGRATION : : Comminuting surface provided with openings to permit discharge of material : Rotating comminuting surface having openings : Radial comminuting face : Stationary flat circular surface)

Patent 5267698: Coconut grinder
(SOLID MATERIAL COMMINUTION OR DISINTEGRATION : : Hand support comminutor : Contacting working surfaces of rotary comminuting member)

Patent 5267699: Methods of winding armatures with modified side pattern
(WINDING, TENSIONING, OR GUIDING : COMPOSITE ARTICLE WINDING : On externally toothed core (e.g., motor armature) : By orbiting guide : Shuttle reciprocated)

Patent 5267701: Piecing method and apparatus for a doubler
(WINDING, TENSIONING, OR GUIDING : HELICAL OR RANDOM WINDING OF MATERIAL : Plural distinct strands onto single spool (e.g., doubling machine) : By orbital flyer)

Patent 5267702: Device for winding and unwinding cables onto a cable drum
(WINDING, TENSIONING, OR GUIDING : COIL HOLDER OR SUPPORT (E.G., SPINDLE, DISPENSER, OR SPOOL) : Mounted coil holder or spindle (e.g., dispenser or mandrel) : Infinitely variable coil positions : With coil supporting hub)

Patent 5267703: Apparatus for controlling the production of paper rolls produced by the rewinder in order to ensure steadiness of length of the wound paper
(WINDING, TENSIONING, OR GUIDING : CONVOLUTE WINDING OF MATERIAL : With particular drive : Driver engages coil periphery : With drive pressure regulator (e.g., nip pressure control) : Fluid actuator : Fluid actuator)

Patent 5267704: Paper roll supporting and holding device with expansible end support member

Patent 5267705: Apparatus for storing and unwinding wire rolls

Patent 5267706: Apparatus having a compact mechanism for moving the sliding cover of a cassette
(WINDING, TENSIONING, OR GUIDING : UNWINDING AND REWINDING A MACHINE CONVERTIBLE INFORMATION CARRIER (E.G., MAGNETIC TAPE OR PHOTOGRAPHIC FILM) : Cartridge system (i.e., cartridge work station or cartridge) : With insertion responsive component : Coil to coil)

Patent 5267707: Drag adjustment mechanism for fishing reels
(WINDING, TENSIONING, OR GUIDING : REELING DEVICE : Fishing rod reel : With drive mechanism : With yieldable drive coupling (e.g., friction or fluid clutch) : Between drive shaft and gear : Variable within distinct range(s))

Patent 5267708: Head support apparatus
(AERONAUTICS : AIRCRAFT STRUCTURE : Fuselage and body construction : Seats and safety belts : Ejection seats : Automatic sequence : Restraint positioning and protective devices : Plural, relatively pivotable)

Patent 5267709: Variable power conveyance apparatus
(AERONAUTICS : AIRCRAFT STRUCTURE : Passenger or cargo loading or discharging : Fuel balancing systems)

Patent 5267710: Pipe hanging clamp adapted for soldering
(SUPPORTS : PIPE OR CABLE : Brackets : Cable suspension clamps)

Patent 5267711: Bag holder device
(SUPPORTS : BAG HOLDERS : Mouth holding frames : With clamp : Link supported)

Patent 5267712: Adjustable camera stand
(SUPPORTS : STAND : To hold a particular article : Having platform for mounting article directly above stationary stand (e.g., tripod head) : Adjustable platform : Multiplanar platform adjustment at one point : Support carried release)

Patent 5267713: Device for adjusting the height of an article of furniture
(SUPPORTS : STAND : Understructure : Elevating or leveling device : Including detailed mount for article (e.g., camera))

Patent 5267714: Fuel tank hanger strap
(SUPPORTS : BRACKETS : Specially mounted or attached : Interlocked bracket and support : Bracket and mount interlocked by arc-like angular motion : Having plural, oppositely acting resilient members acting as retainer or keeper)

Patent 5267715: Patio rail shelf bracket
(SUPPORTS : BRACKETS : Shelf or scaffold type : With rod-supported hook)

Patent 5267716: Mount for magnifying lens
(SUPPORTS : BRACKETS : Adjustable : Single joint : Horizontal pivot : For hook type bracket)

Patent 5267717: Power seat slide device
(SUPPORTS : STAND : Horizontally movable support surface : On slide or guide : Roller or ball : Set screw actuated)

Patent 5267718: Hanger structure
(SUPPORTS : MIRROR OR PICTURE TYPE : Bracket : Mirror or picture pivots)

Patent 5267719: Picture frame wire hanger
(SUPPORTS : MIRROR OR PICTURE TYPE : Suspended : With cord retainer : With spring)

Patent 5267720: Structureborne noise isolator
(SUPPORTS : MACHINERY SUPPORT : Including vibration isolation means : Including rigid coaxial pin or bushing)

Patent 5267721: Valve means, in particular for returning fuel vapor
(VALVES AND VALVE ACTUATION : WITH MATERIAL GUIDE OR RESTRICTOR : Movable or resilient guide or restrictor : Adjustable guide or restrictor : With spring)

Patent 5267722: Valve with dual durometer ball seal
(VALVES AND VALVE ACTUATION : ROTARY VALVES : Ball valve : Retainer at actuator end)

Patent 5267723: Self-aligning lead-in chamfer for a valve seat
(VALVES AND VALVE ACTUATION : VALVE : Seats : Retained by seat deformation : With seal)

Patent 5267724: Fencing apparatus for containing cats

Patent 5267725: Air spring having a sleeve-type flexible member made of elastomeric material
(SPRING DEVICES : VEHICLE : Comprising compressible fluid : Having flexible wall : Having telescoping cylinders)

Patent 5267726: Hydraulic damping device
(SPRING DEVICES : RESILIENT SHOCK OR VIBRATION ABSORBER : Including energy absorbing means or feature (e.g., supplemental vehicle equipment, such as motor mount, seat, etc., including additional fluid or friction energy absorber) : Axial : With electronic or magnetic control : Trans-piston passage)

Patent 5267727: Printer system with paper mismatch controls
(SHEET-MATERIAL ASSOCIATING : WITH PRINTING : Personalized printing (e.g., name or address) : Cutting)

Patent 5267728: Means for monitoring the side lays and masking or excess draw of a sheet-fed rotary press
(SHEET FEEDING OR DELIVERING : FEEDING : With means to align sheet : Responsive to sheet-sensor : To control gripper-couple moving sheet to alignment : Holder adjustable to size of sheet)

Patent 5267729: Sorter having a belt guide with a cushion member
(SHEET FEEDING OR DELIVERING : DELIVERING : Multiple discharge : Of successive sheets to plural receivers in succession : By individual diverter for each receiver : Receivers moving into registry with delivery zone)

Patent 5267730: Pool cue
(GAMES USING TANGIBLE PROJECTILE : BILLIARDS OR POOL : Cue : With user adjustable or changeable weight : Secured to generally fixed support)

Patent 5267731: Solitaire game
(AMUSEMENT DEVICES: GAMES : PUZZLES : Shifting movement : Mortised blocks)

Patent 5267732: Wall mounted sliding block puzzle
(AMUSEMENT DEVICES: GAMES : PUZZLES : Shifting movement : Mortised blocks)

Patent 5267733: Golf putter
(GAMES USING TANGIBLE PROJECTILE : GOLF : Club or club support : Head and shaft connection : Putter : Resilient sleeve engaging hosel and outer shaft wall)

Patent 5267734: Video game having calendar dependent functionality
(AMUSEMENT DEVICES: GAMES : INCLUDING MEANS FOR PROCESSING ELECTRONIC DATA (E.G., COMPUTER/VIDEO GAME, ETC.) : Skill level adjustment (e.g., speed change, complexity, etc.) : Lot generator (e.g., card distribution, simulated dice, random number generator, etc.))

Patent 5267735: Javelin
(GAMES USING TANGIBLE PROJECTILE : PROJECTILE, PER SE; PART THEREOF OR ACCESSORY THEREFOR : Arrow, dart, or shuttlecock; part thereof : Vane structure (i.e., flight guiding or stabilizing means) : And vane structure (i.e., flight guiding or stabilizing means))

Patent 5267736: Sealing apparatus for rotating shafts, in particular stern tube seal for the propeller shaft of a ship
(SEAL FOR A JOINT OR JUNCTURE : PROCESS OF DYNAMIC SEALING : Contained or compressed by gland member in packing box : Formed by flexible projection)

Patent 5267737: Magnetic fluid seal containment shield
(SEAL FOR A JOINT OR JUNCTURE : SEAL BETWEEN RELATIVELY MOVABLE PARTS (I.E., DYNAMIC SEAL) : Close proximity seal (e.g., contactless, fluent, etc.) : Magnetic : Elastomeric or plastic)

Patent 5267738: Rockdrill seal
(SEAL FOR A JOINT OR JUNCTURE : SEAL BETWEEN FIXED PARTS OR STATIC CONTACT AGAINST RELATIVELY MOVABLE PARTS : Contact seal for other than internal combustion engine, or pipe, conduit, or cable : Having particular associated mounting or retaining feature : Groove structure on the seal or part : And seal secure together)

Patent 5267739: Engine compartment seal
(SEAL FOR A JOINT OR JUNCTURE : SEAL BETWEEN FIXED PARTS OR STATIC CONTACT AGAINST RELATIVELY MOVABLE PARTS : Contact seal for other than internal combustion engine, or pipe, conduit, or cable : Having particular associated mounting or retaining feature : Groove structure on the seal or part : Channel-shaped : Particular gland shape)

Patent 5267740: Metal head gasket with integrated sealing aids
(SEAL FOR A JOINT OR JUNCTURE : SEAL BETWEEN FIXED PARTS OR STATIC CONTACT AGAINST RELATIVELY MOVABLE PARTS : Contact seal between parts of internal combustion engine : Particular dimensions or configuration of sealing bead or formation : Elastomeric : And biased)

Patent 5267741: Drive for a drill chuck equipped with a torque coupling
(CHUCKS OR SOCKETS : SOCKET TYPE : Obliquely guided reciprocating jaws : Threaded sleeve and jaw : Conical sleeve : Loose jaws)

Patent 5267742: Shock mount for doors
(LAND VEHICLES : WHEELED : Body with bracketed-type or nonsuspended axles (e.g., platform type) : Rack-type body : Adjustable)

Patent 5267743: Low profile skateboard
(LAND VEHICLES : WHEELED : Coasters : Occupant-pushed : Standing occupant : Steered by tiltable platform (e.g., skateboard) : With means to vary distance between wheels)

Patent 5267744: Stroller wheel assembly for bicycle trailer
(LAND VEHICLES : WHEELED : Occupant propelled type : With carrier : Trailing vehicle : Toe irons (i.e., side cheeks))

Patent 5267745: Wheelchair and wheelchair frame
(LAND VEHICLES : WHEELED : Occupant propelled type : With propulsion means : Hand propelled : Wheelchair type : Belt or chain)

Patent 5267746: Snowmobile and jet ski trailer apparatus
(LAND VEHICLES : WHEELED : Articulated vehicle : Boat carrying type : Temporarily attached wheel assembly : Abreast)

Patent 5267747: Adaptor for a three point hitch
(LAND VEHICLES : WHEELED : Articulated vehicle : Convertible : Convertible or interchangeable from one type coupling to another : From three point hitch : Plural leg)

Patent 5267748: Vehicle tool platform apparatus and method
(LAND VEHICLES : WHEELED : Articulated vehicle : Convertible : Boat suspending means)

Patent 5267749: Vehicular truck trailer brake apparatus
(LAND VEHICLES : WHEELED : Articulated vehicle : Semitrailer : Safety devices : Landing gear and coupling interlock)

Patent 5267750: Mobile cart
(LAND VEHICLES : WHEELED : Extensible : Folding : Pivoted wheel carrier : Transverse axis : One- or two-wheeled cart : Laterally, inwardly collapsing wheels : Independent wheel mounting)

Patent 5267751: Suspension system for a vehicle
(LAND VEHICLES : WHEELED : Running gear : Suspension arrangement : Wheel separately supported upon individual stub axle (e.g., skein, spindle) : Lateral control arm (i.e., suspension arm) : Including spring retaining seat : Including longitudinally extending control arm or strut)

Patent 5267752: Vehicular wheel well replacement shell
(LAND VEHICLES : WHEELED : Attachment : Dust and mud guards : Body attached : Flexible or sectional)

Patent 5267753: Holographic bank draft

Patent 5267754: Stamp such as a postage stamp and a method for producing it
(PRINTED MATTER : STAMP : Identifying)

Patent 5267755: Heat transfer recording media
(PRINTED MATTER : HAVING REVEALABLE CONCEALED INFORMATION, FRAUD PREVENTER OR DETECTOR, USE PREVENTER OR DETECTOR, OR IDENTIFIER : Utilizing electromagnetic radiation : Laser on incorporated hologram : Having fingerprint)

Patent 5267756: Authentication system
(PRINTED MATTER : HAVING REVEALABLE CONCEALED INFORMATION, FRAUD PREVENTER OR DETECTOR, USE PREVENTER OR DETECTOR, OR IDENTIFIER : Utilizing electromagnetic radiation : Laser on incorporated hologram : Having fingerprint)

Patent 5267757: Connection assembly for vehicle engine coolant circuits
(PIPE JOINTS OR COUPLINGS : SERIAL,RELATIVELY MOVABLE PORTIONS : Serial diverse single flow path or line : Diverse coupling interfaces : Quick connect or release : Reducer)

Patent 5267758: Ferrule coupling having a C-shaped insert
(PIPE JOINTS OR COUPLINGS : NONMETAL TO METAL : Internal member (e.g., sleeve or nipple) : External clamp or holder : Deformation : Bolted)

Patent 5267759: Connector assembly
(PIPE JOINTS OR COUPLINGS : PACKED : Frictional retention upon insertion : With packing-expanding means : Elastomeric)

Patent 5267760: Locking mechanism
(CLOSURE FASTENERS : BOLTS : Multiple : Spring arm : Swinging)

Patent 5267761: Vehicle console with positive push-push door latch
(CLOSURE FASTENERS : BOLTS : Spring arm : Operating means : Rigid)

Patent 5267762: Latch with connecting parts forming a seal
(CLOSURE FASTENERS : BOLTS : Swinging : Spring retracted : Operating means)

Patent 5267763: Vehicle side guard
(VEHICLE FENDERS : BUFFER OR BUMPER TYPE : Bumper extends along side of vehicle : For side of vehicle only : Net roller)

Patent 5267764: Ceiling anchor installation apparatus

Patent 5267765: Load carrying apparatus
(HANDLING: HAND AND HOIST-LINE IMPLEMENTS : HOISTLINE OR GRAB HOOK : Load releasing means : Pivoted load support : With sliding latch)

Patent 5267766: Tool gripper
(HANDLING: HAND AND HOIST-LINE IMPLEMENTS : GRAPPLE : Pivoted jaws : Cam-operated : Opposing load-engaging cams)

Patent 5267767: Bicycle fairing
(LAND VEHICLES: BODIES AND TOPS : BODIES : Storm-front shield, apron, or robe : Velocipede type : Pivoted)

Patent 5267768: Ceiling-mounted retractable glare shading board for automobile
(LAND VEHICLES: BODIES AND TOPS : BODIES : Glare screen or visor : Having foldable, extensible, or rollable body : Apertured)

Patent 5267769: Manually operable folding top for vehicles using automatic-ejection snap-action closures
(LAND VEHICLES: BODIES AND TOPS : TOPS : Let-down type top : Including top storage compartment with closure : Spring)

Patent 5267770: Folding top for motor vehicles
(LAND VEHICLES: BODIES AND TOPS : TOPS : Let-down type top : Top and window combination : Spring)

Patent 5267771: Means of fastening the folding top on convertibles
(LAND VEHICLES: BODIES AND TOPS : TOPS : Let-down type top : Joints and couplings : Irons)

Patent 5267772: Structure of rear body portion for an automotive vehicle
(LAND VEHICLES: BODIES AND TOPS : BODIES : Structural detail : Impact : Rear : Offset)

Patent 5267773: Utility truck body with option attachment components
(LAND VEHICLES: BODIES AND TOPS : BODIES : Body shell : Cargo carrier : Box with open top : Having pivotal means)

Patent 5267774: Foldable and removable vehicle top
(LAND VEHICLES: BODIES AND TOPS : TOPS : Roof structure : Roof panel movable to uncover passenger area (e.g., sun roof or moon roof) : Panel removable from roof : Telescopic)

Patent 5267775: System for mounting a monitor
(CHAIRS AND SEATS : COMBINED : With electrical feature : Tiltably)

Patent 5267776: Modular chair

Patent 5267777: Resilient chair support
(CHAIRS AND SEATS : BACK MOVEMENT RESILIENTLY OPPOSED IN OPERATING POSITION : Back and bottom adjust in a fixed relationship : Including back movement limiting device)

Patent 5267778: Position control for a dental chair
(CHAIRS AND SEATS : MOVABLE BOTTOM : Tiltable : Motor actuated : With concurrent horizontal movement)

Patent 5267779: Pick up truck conversion dumping body
(LAND VEHICLES: DUMPING : MISCELLANEOUS : Auxiliary dump body mounted in nondumping body :)

Patent 5267780: Box latch and prop rod
(LAND VEHICLES: DUMPING : TILTING : Brace or prop to support tilted load body : Miscellaneous tilting trucks)

Patent 5267782: Hydraulic brake system, in particular for motor vehicles
(FLUID-PRESSURE AND ANALOGOUS BRAKE SYSTEMS : SPEED-CONTROLLED : With failure responsive means : Pressure failure : Electronic or electric component (e.g., speed detector, failure sensing) with warning)

Patent 5267783: Vehicle turning behavior control apparatus
(FLUID-PRESSURE AND ANALOGOUS BRAKE SYSTEMS : SPEED-CONTROLLED : With yaw control : Odd condition (e.g., fuel supply cut-off, modulating valve))

Patent 5267784: Anti-locking control system
(FLUID-PRESSURE AND ANALOGOUS BRAKE SYSTEMS : SPEED-CONTROLLED : Odd condition or device detection (e.g., fluid or brake temperature, hill holder, anti-squeal controller, acoustic emission) : Spurious signal : Pseudo-speed)

Patent 5267785: Method for switching a pressure control device
(FLUID-PRESSURE AND ANALOGOUS BRAKE SYSTEMS : SPEED-CONTROLLED : Having a valve system responsive to a wheel lock signal : System controlled by solenoid valve : System solenoid valve detail : Pump pressure operates fluid motor)

Patent 5267786: Medicine cabinet

Patent 5267787: Screw extruder with feed roller
(AGITATING : RUBBER OR HEAVY PLASTIC WORKING : With specified feed means : Roller feeder : Plural screws)

Patent 5267788: Multi-screw, continuous mixing and kneading machine with polygonal kneading elements for plasticizable compounds
(AGITATING : RUBBER OR HEAVY PLASTIC WORKING : Stirrer is through-pass screw conveyor : Plural screw conveyors on separate shafts : In parallel intercommunicating mixing chambers : Screw conveyors intermeshing : Helical)

Patent 5267789: Eccentric mounted rotor for mixing solids and liquid in a chamber
(AGITATING : RUBBER OR HEAVY PLASTIC WORKING : Stationary mixing chamber : With rotating stirrer : Single stirrer : Single stirrer)

Patent 5267790: Temperature-controlled homogenizer with sample gripper
(AGITATING : WITH HEATING OR COOLING : Including temperature control : Directly)

Patent 5267791: Suspended cell culture stirring vessel closure and apparatus
(AGITATING : STIRRER WITHIN STATIONARY MIXING CHAMBER : Mounted in removable mixing chamber closure : Rotatable stirrer : Axis fixed : Single stirrer : Motor driven : Vertical axis)

Patent 5267792: Apparatus for transporting fluids having a high viscosity and method of dispensing the fluids therefrom
(AGITATING : STIRRER WITHIN STATIONARY MIXING CHAMBER : Rotatable stirrer : Plural stirrers : Coaxial : Including adjustable rim contact support)

Patent 5267793: Ink agitating apparatus having a flexible blade which twists during lateral reciprocation
(AGITATING : STIRRER WITHIN STATIONARY MIXING CHAMBER : Rectilinearly reciprocable stirrer : With specified mounting means)

Patent 5267794: Process for the production of an indicator for monitoring the temperature of a cooled or deep-frozen product, and a method for using
(THERMAL MEASURING AND TESTING : TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT (E.G., THERMOMETER) : Nonelectrical, nonmagnetic, or nonmechanical temperature responsive property : Melting or softening : With coupling between rotating sensor and stationary electrical circuitry)

Patent 5267795: Carryout food bag with closure and means of order verification
(FLEXIBLE BAGS : WITH CLOSURE : Bag walls designed to be rolled together or folded on common fold line : Reusable)

Patent 5267796: Linear motion guide unit having an anti-vibration mechanism
(BEARINGS : LINEAR BEARING : With detection, nonbearing magnetic or hydraulic feature : Edge down)

Patent 5267797: Combined radial/axial friction bearing and method for its manufacture
(BEARINGS : ROTARY BEARING : Plain bearing : Radial collar and sleeve : Bearing surface)

Patent 5267798: Bearing assembly
(BEARINGS : ROTARY BEARING : Plain bearing : Specified sleeve or liner : Temperature compensating : Pressure applying)

Patent 5267799: Apparatus and method of printing data in a book, a notebook, or the like
(TYPEWRITING MACHINES : FOR TYPING ON FLAT RECORD-MEDIUM OR AGAINST FLAT PLATEN : For typing on a book : Against cylindrical backing : Including plural space-bars for different spacings)

Patent 5267800: Miniature, portable, interactive printer
(TYPEWRITING MACHINES : POCKET TYPEWRITER : By projecting typed image on screen)

Patent 5267801: Ribbon inker
(TYPEWRITING MACHINES : INCLUDING INTERPOSED INKING DEVICE (E.G., RIBBON) FOR RECORD-MEDIUM : Renovation of used ribbon : Including storage (e.g., in cartridge, etc.) of ribbon)

Patent 5267802: Ribbon cassette storage and transfer apparatus for a printer
(TYPEWRITING MACHINES : INCLUDING INTERPOSED INKING DEVICE (E.G., RIBBON) FOR RECORD-MEDIUM : Package for ribbon facilitating mounting of ribbon on typewriter (e.g., ribbon cartridge) : Package attached to typewriter : On single spool)

Patent 5267803: Cassette having compatibility arrangement
(TYPEWRITING MACHINES : INCLUDING INTERPOSED INKING DEVICE (E.G., RIBBON) FOR RECORD-MEDIUM : Package for ribbon facilitating mounting of ribbon on typewriter (e.g., ribbon cartridge) : Package attached to typewriter : On single spool)

Patent 5267804: Apparatus and method for making a binder self-supporting

Patent 5267805: Synthetic resin ball joint with metal reinforcing ring
(JOINTS AND CONNECTIONS : ARTICULATED MEMBERS : Pivoted : Universal ball and socket : Externally packed : Stud extends into ball)

Patent 5267806: Connector assembly for a tubular member
(JOINTS AND CONNECTIONS : ROD END TO TRANSVERSE SIDE OF MEMBER : Utilizing opposite sides of member : Clamped member : Bolted through member : Inserted into rod)

Patent 5267807: Driveable connection between drum components for automatic transmission friction disc clutch
(JOINTS AND CONNECTIONS : INTERFITTED MEMBERS : Peripheral enlargement, depression, or slot on one member is joint component : By wedge or cam)

Patent 5267808: Electronically controlled speed bump device
(ROAD STRUCTURE, PROCESS, OR APPARATUS : TRAFFIC DIRECTOR : Yielding : Distinct biasing means recessed in roadway :)

Patent 5267809: Roadmarker device
(ROAD STRUCTURE, PROCESS, OR APPARATUS : TRAFFIC DIRECTOR : Attenuated lane marker type : Impregnated with reflective material :)

Patent 5267810: Paving block
(ROAD STRUCTURE, PROCESS, OR APPARATUS : PAVEMENT : Modules or blocks (preformed) : Interfitting : Integral)

Patent 5267811: Portable dock for watercraft

Patent 5267812: Upwelling-generating structure

Patent 5267813: Oil containment curtain
(HYDRAULIC AND EARTH ENGINEERING : FLUID CONTROL, TREATMENT, OR CONTAINMENT : Floatable matter containment : Floating barrier : With reinforcing feature : Having hinged joint between rigid sections)

Patent 5267814: Mechanism and method for continuously constructing reinforced concrete tunnel
(HYDRAULIC AND EARTH ENGINEERING : UNDERGROUND PASSAGEWAY, E.G., TUNNEL : Boring : Shield : Lining installation : Vitrify)

Patent 5267815: Combination protective cover and dive gear stowage and retrieval system for scuba air tanks
(HYDRAULIC AND EARTH ENGINEERING : DIVING : Suit or accessory therefor : Pipe splitting, breaking, or expanding)

Patent 5267816: Geogrids
(HYDRAULIC AND EARTH ENGINEERING : EARTH TREATMENT OR CONTROL : Ground stabilization or reinforcement : Net, fabric, or sheet type : Mesh support)

Patent 5267817: Cutting tool
(CUTTERS, FOR SHAPING : INCLUDING HOLDER HAVING SEAT FOR INSERTED TOOL : With separate means to fasten tool to holder : Including tool holding clamp and clamp actuator : Resiliently biased clamp jaw : Integral with holder : And pivotable tool)

Patent 5267818: Arrangement for providing planar movement of a machine tool
(GEAR CUTTING, MILLING, OR PLANING : MILLING : Process : Including infeeding : Adapted to trigger fluid energy)


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